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The trusted photo print provider for correctional facilities

Keep correctional staff  safe from smuggled contraband with our trusted photo printing service, tailored to your facility's unique needs. 

Reduce your mailroom risk.Keep your staff safe.

One of the primary methods for the public to smuggle drugs into correctional facilities is through mail, mainly photos.


The public is able to mail their photos directly to you facility leading to INCREASED risk for staff and inmates.


Utilizing Pelipost's offsite printing service means  substance smuggling via photographs is ELIMINATED.

Why partner with us?

Pelipost has developed an innovative new approach that eliminates the public's direct access to incoming photo mail. 


Smuggling harmful substances in photo prints puts your staff at risk to harmful exposure.  Allowing inmate photos to come from Pelipost eliminates photos from being laced with drugs and illegal substances.  Our photos are printed and shipped from our fulfillment location in the Greater Tampa Bay area in Central Florida. 

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Save your officers' time, lower costs

Screening mail costs money, which is why we're here to help. Receiving photos from Pelipost ensures that no additional screening is needed.  Bring relief to your mailroom staff, cut down on their screening time and boost morale.

Improve inmate satisfaction and well-being

Allowing inmates to receive physical photos will increase their connection with their loved ones on the outside. Photos are an integral part of an inmate's rehabilitation and sentence. A picture truly speaks a thousand words.

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Once we partner together, implementation is completely seamless.  Simply inform users to send photos using Pelipost and that's it. Users can immediately begin uploading photos for us to start screening, printing, and securely shipping.

Here's why our photo fulfillment services works for your facility:

Flexible, Contracted Pricing

We will work with you to establish negotiated pricing for inmate's friends and family to send photos. 

Dedicated account manager

When you contract with Pelipost, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager to answer any questions or handle any issues. 

No setup fees, or equipment

Let us do all the works. Our fulfillment services can be implented instantly with no additional equipment or training. 

Customized to your requirements

We provide complete flexibility based on your requirements. We can implement parcel tracking codes, security seals, etc. 

Secure, Offsite Facility

Based in the greater Tampa Bay Area, FL, all orders are printed and shipped IN-HOUSE by Pelipost staff on Pelipost printers. No outside vendors or sub-contractors. 

Over 3 million photos shipped.

We are the leader in photos-to-prison fulfillment. 

Efficient. Reliable. Trusted.

Eliminate smuggled contraband while letting inmates receive photos. Our photos are printed and shipped IN-HOUSE from our fulfillment location in Tampa, FL. 

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Supported by the Pelipost app.

Photos can be uploaded directly to the Pelipost app or website. The user can add their inmate's address and submit their order. From there, our staff can print and ship the orders from our secure fulfillment center. 

Here's how the app works

Friends/family/pen-pals upload their photos to Pelipost.  Pelipost will then print and ship the photos directly to the correction facility. 

Photos arrive to the correctional facility in 2-3 business days.

Meet the founder

Joseph Calderon

Founder & CEO at Pelipost

"We know the importance that printed photos play in an inmate's well-being. We're committed to working together with correctional agencies to ensure that their staff stay safe and inmates are content."

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